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With over 40 years of Experience in Medical Billing,

Medical Billing Center of Colorado

Is Your Trusted Business Partner 


Welcome to Medical Billing Center of Colorado, providing quality medical billing and bookkeeping services since 1988. Let us show you how we can help your practice maximize profitability. 

At Medical Billing Center our focus is on your practice. Our clients achieve maximum profitability using our proven billing methods. We take the guesswork out of medical billing.  Our full suite of solution oriented methods, tailored specifically to the needs of your practice, help you focus more on the treatment of your patients and less on the tedious paperwork for insurance claims and accounts receivable. 

We have the experience you are looking for, with a long standing reputation for trusted medical billing services and increased revenues for all our clients. We take a personal interest in you and your practice. Unlike other medical billing companies, we work with you directly, forming a relationship that gives you control over your medical billing needs.  As a provider, you will work directly one on one with the same medical billing specialist.

Meeting Your Needs

Patent Preparation and Prosecution


             Medical Billing Center has been my most trusted and helpful partner for over 30 years. As a physician with a solo practice, I have relied on Ms. Koepf &

Mr. Lintukorpi for all things financial. They have interfaced beautifully with my CPA (making my PC taxes effortless). Many clients have been complimentary about Ms. Koepf's friendly, professional efficiency. 

I could go on...

Thanks for so much for so long!

-- Mark Leifeste, MD


              I have been a client of The Medical Billing Center for 30 years. They have provided expert service for my business, going beyond what is asked of them. Jessica has been highly attentive to my accounts receivable and has helped with billing and collections. One of the most amazing benefits is their ability to analyze the best reimbursement levels from insurance which has helped me make first-rate business decisions in an ever-changing medical market. I highly recommend this agency!

-- Mary Ann Keatley, PH.D., CCC

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Phone: (970) 221-3456


Address: PO Box 273336

Fort Collins, CO 80527

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