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Billing Services Tailored for Dermatology

Our Colorado-based team are experts in billing for dermatology practices. We will ensure the highest recovery on your claims, increased revenues, and the best care and service so that you can focus on treating your patients.

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Get Claims Paid Faster

We work efficiently to process your claims and reduce your AR. 


Get Paid on Every Claim

Our insurance specialists turn your denied claims into paid claims. Our local team works hard to ensure that you get paid for all the services you've provided.

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Cut Your Expenses

In-house billing can lead to unnecessary hiring, training, and errors. Our team of expert billers is more affordable, and can cut the hassle of managing billing on your own.


Stay 100% Informed and In Control

We provide you with clear, concise reports so that you can say informed and know the most up to date status of your receivables and cash flow. 

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Running a Practice is Hard. Medical Billing Doesn't Have to Be.

Have a team that is dedicated to improving your practice's billing department, so that you can have more patients and fewer headaches. 

Contact us today for a personalized quote. 

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Denver Metro: (303) 444-3443

Northern CO: (970) 221-3456



2850 McClelland Drive Suite 2100

Fort Collins, CO 80525

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